Sunday, February 05, 2006

For all you do

This trophy is for you, zebras: Worst super bowl refereeing I can recall. Let's review. Bogus "pushing off" call robs Seattle of touchdown number one. Pittsburgh touchdown number one does not clearly get into the endzone. In the second half a "holding" call takes Seattle from 1st and goal on the one to first and 20 on the 30. This call not only robs Seattle of a very likely TD, it leads up to a forced throw that is intercepted and ultimately it gives Pittsburgh a TD. I should have shut the TV off at this point as any hope of enjoying this contest was gone. On the interception I just mentioned the refs also had the gall to call Hasselbeck for a "low block" when in fact he made the tackle. There's no such thing as a "low tackle." That's a fourteen point swing at a minimum, and it could easily be a twenty-one point difference since scoring a TD from the one is a very high percentage play. There's an awful lot of garbage that comes along with the superbowl every year, and I don't just mean the roman numerals. If you guessed the Rolling Stones, you're getting warmer. NFL football is the only sport that I watch for recreation as I figure too much sports is very good way to waste a great deal of time. It's good - one game a week for roughly twenty weeks. That's a pace I can handle. Compare the NHL with something upwards of five million meaningless games every week for month after month. I ditched that years ago and have no regrets. Vancouver who? The Calgary what? I don't care. But waiting thirty one years to have a mismatched zebra team screw it up about as bad as they could? Nope. We'll see if I'm back next year. I enjoy the sport, so maybe I'll cool down. Then again, think of all the other things I could do with Sunday afternoons. Maybe if the zebra teams are kept together through the playoffs. Maybe.

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