Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nice liberals

I submit, that a Tory who can't find a single disagreeable thing to say about Rosalie Abella, is a Tory in the middle stage of a brain transplant. This is the woman who attempted to establish, as a young family court judge, such remarkable legal principles as that no child support payment can be "inappropriately" high; or that the final, contractual terms of a divorce settlement may be reopened at the woman's whim. These, and other such creative judgements, were struck down by higher courts. But now, Ms Abella IS the Supreme Court. Her views on anal intercourse alone -- and they are extensive -- would have been worth exploring.
It is that they [Jihadis] don't make distinctions between infidels. They don't seek "fellow travellers" as the Communists did, when, at the height of the Cold War, the Soviet state was massively funding, both openly and secretly, "peace" movements across Europe and America, as a way to subvert the Western democracies. ... To [the] Jihadi mindset, the pacifist, multiculturalist, "bleeding heart liberal" is not the "useful idiot" whom Lenin once defined. He is instead a symptom of the weakness of the West, to be exploited in an hour of historical opportunity. And so far as that "nice liberal" is useful, it is only by being especially easy to scare, and thus a means to spread panic through the larger society.
David Warren, prescient as always.

Davids Medienkritik

Picture and quote via Davids Medienkritik: Posted by Hello
One could analyze Der Spiegel’s cover story sentence for sentence and still arrive at only the same conclusion a quick scan yields. Der Spiegel presents, from the picture on the cover to the last line in the article, a demagogic, biased, wholesale anti-Bush and anti-American screed. Typical Der Spiegel fare.
I have been taking a look at a new blog over the past couple of days. It is a critical look at the media in Germany, written in English. It is of interest to me because my family is of German and Central European origins, and so it is nice to hear and see what is going on in that corner of the world. It is also intersting to try and understand where European anti- Americanism comes from.

Kerry is scary

From Thomas Sowell at the Washington Times (please go and read all of his books, he's worth reading):
Sometimes little things can tell you about big things. While Sen. John Kerry and his running-mate Sen. John Edwards were recently photographed at lunchtime at Wendy's, to show what regular guys they are, their real lunch was from a local yacht club, which is more their speed in real life. There is nothing wrong with eating lunch from or at a yacht club. What is wrong is being phony — and thinking the American people need to be conned. ... These guys are on the far left of a liberal party. What does that mean in concrete terms? Among other things, it means racial quotas, higher taxes, weakening the military, and — perhaps most significant of all — appointing liberal judges who will spend decades finding reasons to turn criminals loose and allowing frivolous lawsuits that drive up prices to consumers and destroy businesses and jobs. You can't run on that platform and win a national election. Moreover, you cannot frankly state the underlying assumptions of the liberal vision of the world, such as the notion the liberal anointed need to impose their superior vision on the masses. Politically, you have to pretend to be one of the people, even though the whole basis of your vision is that you are vastly superior to them. Even when you are a pompous elitist who looks down on the average American, you have to project a political image as a regular guy by being photographed with a baseball bat or a hunting rifle — or eating at Wendy's.
Don't forget that Kerry also brought up his Vietnam service during the democratic party nomination process, and now that much of it is turning out to be bogus, he is claiming that no one has the right to question that record. Well, why'd you bring it up then? Didn't think the guys you served with would point out that they think you're a dickless wonder? That you served for only four months? That you bugged out at that time, and pressed hard to get out, after your three purple hearts? And that at least one of those wounds may have been self inflicted? That the other two might have been for largely less serious wounds? That you went home to America and promtly slandered the entire U.S Army? Kerry says the Swiftboat Vets - men he served with - are Republican stooges. Really John? All 200 plus of them? All of them members of a vast, right wing conspiracy? The Wendy's antics are par for the course for Kerry. He claims to be Catholic, and makes a big to do about taking communion with as many press members present as possible. That action is irreconcilable with claiming, as Kerry has, that abortion is murder, but it is murder that must be allowed. He has mumbled something about how his position is "difficult to explain," which to me means he does not think he can or needs to explain it to peasants, or to anyone, really. Kerry is complete loser and the Wendy's fiasco is only the tip of the iceberg. American politics needs two viable parties for the system to work, and at the moment it has only one. It suprises me that Bush and Kerry are even close in the polls, but it is early yet. Most voters have not even tuned in. I don't think Kerry will fare well when they do. At the moment he has bouancy from the rabid anti Bush crowd, the kind that thinks paper mache heads at rallies are just the coolest. It saddens me that here in Canada we have been stuck with various John Kerrys, and have been for many years. The latest one goes by the name Paul Martin.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Walking the dogs. Mill Lake park, Abbotsford. From left to right, Curt, wife Rebecca, Curt's mom, Marlis. Curt's dad is behind the camera. Posted by Hello

Mill Lake park, Abbotsford Posted by Hello

My neighborhood. What's not to like? Posted by Hello

Things to think about

On my old blog I had a habit of linking to a few current news stories on the right frame and calling those links 'hotlinks'. I'd change them periodically. I think I'm going handle that idea differently now that I'm on blogger. Linking is easier now, as is creating an blog entry. So I think I'll create posts from time to time under the title 'things to think about'. Maybe I'll come up with a better title later or maybe I won't. Anyway, I'll just put the links up and see what happens. New Paths of Religion in Europe Ethics and Medics An interview with Satan (funny) Canada the toothless wonder puppy

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Liberals, the new Puritans

I just love this little cartoon. So often they take themselves just so-ooo seriously. The attitude is that anyone who disagrees with anything they say, well, they just must be stupid, or, more likely they're just evil. Isn't that right, Federal Liberal MP Carolyn Parish? Which is funny, because as best as I've heard it, radical libs don't actually believe in evil. It's only one of many examples of Liberal incoherence. Too often they remind me of silly little debate I heard as an undergraduate. A passionate young feminist was very forcefully arguing that there "were no absolutes, that's a given, we all know that." And she looks around top see if anyone - anyone - dared to disagree. And then she realized she her own claim was an absolute. It being the so PC 1990s, no one dared to say anything, although there must have been someone in the room who grasped that she was making a very old and fundamental mistake. Caught on her own harpoon, she went on to say that logic was just a form of western sexism and that the truth was beyond words and logic, but she knew what it was. She was working on it, understand? Her point and her credibility had just gone up in flames. I didn't know enough philosophy at the time to say it, but this is an ancient teaching point. It goes back to the very beginnings of philosophy and religion and there is a clear answer if you are not so Liberal your brains have fallen out. When you make the "no absolutes" claim you cut off the branch you are standing on. This fallacy still is used as a proof of the existence of God in some circles. You know, the kind of circles where proofs, history and truth are still valued. I doubt you'll see much of it on a university campus today. When I see this little dog relieving himself on the word Liberal, I just smile, and I wonder how many Liberals can't laugh at their own follies because their ginch is too tight. "Social justice is no laughing matter," they'll scream. And before anyone jumps on me, I'll concede that Conservatives goof too. The difference is that they don't think they can and must solve everything in the world from the ground up. They know humans are goofy little fallible creatures. And so they are often better able to smile and laugh. Their expectations are on a human scale. Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Firefox and Blogger

Ok, so I'm still playing around with Blogger and my software, to see what I can do. Blogger is web based, so software shouldn't be an issue, except that I am toying a lot these days with a browser called Firefox. I had been using Explorer for a long time previously but a week or so ago I started to play with it to see if I could make browsing my bookmarks easier. I had some success but no home run. A peek at Download.com's browser section lead me to Firefox and it was a go almost from the beginning. Firefox is smart, stripped down and clean. It uses tabs intelligently, unlike Netscape, which in which I discovered three different places to conduct a search from. Firefox has one search box and you can easily add as many search engines to it as you like, including Google, Google Images, Amazon books, Amazon DVD's, Wikkipedia, and... well. You get the idea. I was beginning to get hooked. Another big (BIG)! point in Firefox's favour was the Bug Me Not extension, which when installed will give you a name and password for virtually any of those websites that require registration. That would be, well, most everything these days. Heck, the Saskatoon Daily Dog has a registration racket going these days. Now, returning to the subject of Blogger, I wanted to see if there was a Firefox extension that would simulate the ease of the Googlebar's "blog this" button. Sure enough, with one tiny download, I'm doing this entry via Firefox's "blog this." It works via a right click instead of a button, but otherwise seems the same. Whoo-oo, as Homer might say. Well, there will be a lot more to learn, I'm sure. So I will just say hello to some of the people who might see these pages in the next few days... A big "Hi!" to my wife Rebecca, to my co-workers Carole and Iris (how's Maple Ridge?), to my mother in law Inga, and to an old friend and co-worker I bumped into a few weeks ago, on my route or all places... Hi Yvonne!

Catching Up.

It's well past time I should have moved my blog to an on line blog service. I've been doing something like this for more than a few years (four or five) and have long wanted a simple, fast way of doing updates. If it's not simple, it very often doesn't get done. That goes some way toward explaining the ever decreasing number of updates my site has seen over the last year and a half. It's my hope that creating this new home for my writings will allow me to recapture some of the fun that posting used to be. It is also my hope that interacting with the blogging and blog reading community will fuel my thoughts and keep me tethered to the earth. My old home can still be viewed at Virtual Planet [link deleted], but I don't expect to add anything to that site if I can get this to work satisfactorily. And I'm pretty optimistic about that.