Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Davids Medienkritik

Picture and quote via Davids Medienkritik: Posted by Hello
One could analyze Der Spiegel’s cover story sentence for sentence and still arrive at only the same conclusion a quick scan yields. Der Spiegel presents, from the picture on the cover to the last line in the article, a demagogic, biased, wholesale anti-Bush and anti-American screed. Typical Der Spiegel fare.
I have been taking a look at a new blog over the past couple of days. It is a critical look at the media in Germany, written in English. It is of interest to me because my family is of German and Central European origins, and so it is nice to hear and see what is going on in that corner of the world. It is also intersting to try and understand where European anti- Americanism comes from.

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