Thursday, August 04, 2005

Iconic beauty

This is simply a beautiful post. Go and read it right now.
Some years ago, within my thesis at Duke University, I wrote about the iconicity of language, meaning that language, especially Holy Scripture, functions in a manner similar to the Holy Icons. The Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council stated that “icons do with color what Scripture does with words.” I turned that succinct statement around to ask if Scripture does with words what icons do with color. It became the starting point for my thoughts on the iconicity of language. ... There exists the Gospel of St. John; therefore, God exists.
I like St John's Gospel too. While you're at Pontifications, you may want to check out this gem on the subject of doubt. It brings to mind, shall we say, the dubious value of a hermeneutics of suspicion...
The withholding of assent that is the act of doubt can be done in two ways. First, as an exercise of the intellect, whereby the content of faith is examined by asking such questions as, “What if it were not so?” This exercise is done with the purpose of deepening faith, and is not doubt properly so-called. The second way, which is doubt proper, is to withhold assent unconditionally. This act terminates in a state in which the actor has less faith than before, and can in no way be held to cause an increase in faith.
Heroic doubters engage in false modesty, methinks.

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