Saturday, August 20, 2005

On the GG

Andrew Coyne:
[Michaelle Jean] has no record of service to the country, no outstanding accomplishments to her name, no specialized knowledge of law, politics or the constitution. In a crisis, what credibility would she have? If the minority government were to attempt to rule without the confidence of the House -- again -- would anyone listen to her opinion on the matter? If the country were to be plunged into the constitutional void of a unilateral secession bid, would Canadians rally to her side -- whichever side that was? This isn't a sales clerk we're hiring. This is supposed to be the position of supreme honour and prestige in the country, one with important symbolic and substantive roles. It should be filled by titans, revered national icons, whose love of country is reflected in the love their country has for them.
So Paul Martin pooched the appoinment of the Governor General to be. *blink* This is a surprise? He chose her with little to no screening, from accounts I've read, and there is little doubt that it was her skin colour and gender that cinched the appointment. There is obviously nothing wrong with either of those things, provided there is something more underneath. That Martin overlooked the more important part of the equation is entirely in the frappe sucking limosine lib character of the man.

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