Thursday, May 25, 2006

Technical note

As you can see, I am trying to pull this blog together after some down time. I'm trying to post more regularly and made some changes to the template, to make it more reflective of what I'm reading currently. I am still having some technical problems, however, so your patience (and advice!) is appreciated.
I'm still trying to settle on what to use for post composition. Using Pages was Ok, but somehow or other my links seemed to get lost on the way to the blogger servers. I'm now using Apple's Mail client, which is pretty good, but it seems to be struggling with formating. It seems to generate a lot of HTML code when text is posted, especially when I quote text from outside sources. To try and get around that, I've switched to forcing Mail to use "plain text" in the composer. That ought to help a lot. If you are seeing things like gigantic text or other really weird bits of formatting, do let me know. As far as I can see, republishing the post via blogger's composer window fixes most of the anomalies that I see on first posting from Mail. If it does not, I will probably revert to using G-mail and simply saving a copy of longer posts in a Pages file for safekeeping.
In addition, when I made some updates to the template on the weekend blogger managed to cut off the end of the document, leaving the right column truncated. It's not that serious as I was paring it down anyway, but it looks odd at the moment. If I get some time I will try and straighten that out.
It may not sound like it, but I am getting more proficient with the Mac everyday. Finding out where all the cool kids hang out sure does help. Here are some resources that have come in handy:
The Apple site itself is useful, of course, but it does not seem to carry links to much in the way of free-ware.
On the book side of things, I've finally started one I have long been meaning to start - Victor Reppert's C.S. Lewis' Dangerous Idea. Since Lewis has been influential on me, and since I also have a copy of Dennet's Darwin's Dangerous Idea from a few years ago, this ought to be interesting. If it is, it will find its way here.

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