Monday, June 20, 2005

Great Philosophers I have known

It seems the BBC is having a vote to determine who is the world's greatest philosopher. IMHO, this is a terrible way to answer the question, but I understand the point here is not truth but a bit fun to drive people to the BBC website. Tell me, please, who does Tom Cruise think is the best philosopher? I can't stand the suspense. The Maverick Philosopher and Edward Fesser weigh in. I have not read enough philosophy to choose with a great deal of confidence, but I find Fesser's idea of choosing Aquinas in order to not have to choose between Plato and Aristotle compelling. This means less originality, but I think that is a virtue that is over rated in our time. Honing in on the truth is the ultimate criteria for me, and for that reason I'll agree with Fesser. I scored only seven out of twelve on the quiz, though...

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