Saturday, June 18, 2005

The new TTLB

I'm quite impressed with the new and improved Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, and how it allows you to see how blogs stand in relation to their niche, as opposed to simply blogs in general. The Canadian pond is still quite small compared to the US or the UK, but as I understand it, it's bigger than France or Germany, where blogging has yet to take off. In the Canadian pool, NWW is currently ranked #25 in Canada. Not bad for a "so con" book blog, eh? The top dogs don't surprise me too much - Small Dead Animals, Angry in the Great White North, and Bound by Gravity et al, are all pretty tough competition. Still, #330 on the overall list is not bad, nor is closing in on 500 unique links. Also interesting is that nine of the top ten are conservative blogs of various stripes (and the tenth is an aggregate). In fact, it looks as if the cons utterly dominate the listings. That can't last can it? This is Librano land after all... Wait until the CRTC weighs in!

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