Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Hiatus will be blogged

This hiatus thing isn't going to plan. As I'm reading (books and blogs) I find things I think are interesting, or things I would like an opinion on, and bingo, my hiatus is in a shambles. So, *coughs*, until further notice, I'm blogging again. The main editorial difference that I can see coming from my few weeks away is that I do not expect to resume posting six out of seven days a week. There could be, at any time and without warning, a break of a week or two between posts. Really, I think that is the only way I can start to get some books behind me, and is also inevitable in the summer season when one wants to get out and enjoy it all. Here's a few things that got my attention this past week. Chris Taylor is blogging once again and has recruited an air force for the Red Ensign Brigade. Heh. Dennis Prager asks, Are you a liberal? Anglicans and Catholics are getting closer to reconciling -over the role of Mary in the Christian faith. Quote:
A working group comprising leading Anglicans and Catholics has issued a document - which took six years of discussion to compile - on the role of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in both faiths. The report states that there is "no continuing theological reason for ecclesial division" over the role of the Virgin Mary.
The joint document "will be examined by the Vatican and the Anglican Communion." Finally, Ben and Rebecca both tagged me with that book meme, which I will do very soon.

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