Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back to school

Mark Shea is blogging again. He was off for quite a while writing a book and now we can read him for free again. See also here. Jimmy Akin has some interesting thoughts on the kind of idea space we live in today. I can't disagree with much that he says. The Maverick Philosopher introduces us to some new words. My favourite is "Ignoranus", although "Karmageddon" is pretty good too. Those of you interested in Darwin (and, really, who isnt?) will also enjoy this, which throws all sorts of trouble at those holding that "randomness" is an essential part of that theory. If this is you, see also here and here.
I think I will tentatively admit to be being back, with the caveat that postings might not be daily as they have been in the past. I am continuing to move away from commenting on day to day news and will likely concentrate on doing quality posts, either short or long, and on sharing things I find interesting. Good writing, good thinking, and good choice in subject matter are what I intend; we will see how well I succeed.

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