Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Species traitors

Gates of Vienna has the lowdown on the Green fringe in Charlotte. His account is fascinating in that car wreck kind of way.
What about population? Anarchists have long argued that in a free world, social, economic, and psychological pressures towards excessive reproduction would be removed. There would just be too many other interesting things going on to engage people's time! Feminist primitivists have argued that women, freed of gender constraints and the family structure, would not be defined by their reproductive capabilities as in patriarchal societies, and this would result in lowered population levels too. So population would be likely to fall, willy-nilly.
So that's how it will work: feminist primitivists will have control over their reproductive lives. And they will do so, presumably, without birth-control pills, diaphragms, condoms, etc., because industrial technology is required to make those luxuries. One assumes that anarcho-primitivist guys will just have to do without. I also brought home this flyer:
SPECIES TRAITOR Species traitor exists as a forum for spreading and developing theories and practical means to bring about the destruction of civilization and defend what wilderness remains. We feel that now more than ever, there is a need for a viable alternative to the mass death culture, and hope to widen the range of information available. This cannot be clear enough, we embrace the goal of moving beyond civilization and will not settle for reform on any level.
... How many people could the earth support under such a neo-Neolithic model? Ten million? A hundred million? Let's be generous and say a billion. That means that four-fifths of the world's population would have to disappear. I don'’t think herbal contraceptives and the rhythm method are going to do the job. And I think the leaders of these movements know it, even if they don'’t dare say so in their pamphlets. To achieve their ideal society, to create their heaven on earth, four billion people will have to die. Who do you think those people will be? And who do you think will get to choose who goes, and who gets to stay? Somehow, I don't think the Anarcho-primitivists and the Greens and the Gaia-worshipping feminists are going to volunteer to lay down their lives for the good of the Collective. You're on a bus with nine other people. Look around you: eight people have to die. Who will they be? The guy with the ponytail and the Think Globally, Act Locally” T-shirt and his girlfriend with the flowered mumu? They don'’t think they'’ll be the ones to go. No, it will be you and all the other bozos on that bus.
  • I like Mother Theresa a whole lot more than people who want to pick and choose who lives.
  • If there is ever another great genocide in the west, it will be at the hands of people like this.
  • Proportional representation places people like this closer to the levers of power. For this and many other reasons (like paralysis) I remain strongly opposed to Canadian moves in that direction. "Representation" is one good among many and is only one factor in the creation of good government.
  • The pamphlets were produced with industrial tech, of course. Perhaps they should send out mass e-mail about doing away with technology? No, I guess that won't work either...

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