Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Links! I have links! I recently picked up Jack Whyte's lastest, Clothar the Frank. I read his Aurthurian books a long while back and found they got better as the series went. I was surpried that he stopped on Authur's coronation. Well, there's finally a another book, and it's one that takes the series forward. Whyte's blog, hosted by Penguin, is here. And an interview can be found here. Whyte is a Canadian who hails from nearby (sort of) Kelowna. The always interesting John Ray at Dissecting Leftism writes an interesting post on morals and ethics, and concludes:
we come back in the end to the good Burkean principle that theories are to be distrusted and and continually tested against whether or not they lead to generally desired outcomes. Philosophers judge an argument on its consistency, elegance and comprehensivesness. Conservatives judge it on its practical outcomes. And Leftists judge it on whether they can use it to make themselves look good.
I most heartily agree. Spot the non Liberal celebrities here. A fairly comphensive list of Catholic blogs can be found here. This list used to be maintained by Gerard Serafin, who passed away recently. It appears to have been picked up and alphabetized by a someone new. NRO's Jonah Goldberg has some interesting thoughts about God here. I could quibble with him, but perhaps we are on the same page after all. Morals are objective and real. If morals are whatever we make of them, then there is no such thing as morals. This gets confused all of them time because morals tend to get tied up with things that are merely cultural. They are different, however. There is a brief but interesting article about C.S. Lewis here.

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