Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Daddy's boy meets Daddy's girl

The good news is that if CPC leader Stephen Harper should fail to form a government in the next election, we will not have to endure another leadership campaign from Frank Stronach's daughter. She was pathetic in the first one but it is conceivable that a demoralized CPC might have turned to someone like her if they were desperate (and maybe drunk). What really worries me is what this might do to Peter McKay, who was romantically linked to Stronach not too long ago, and whose principles are almost as plastic. He could be yet another rich dad's kid in the Liberal Party of Canada. (Martin and Stronach are both intellectual lightweights with mega rich dads). It'll be fun watching her try and stick the knife in Martin's back some time in the future. It's no wonder the Martin government is so inept either. He gave Stronach, who has what? One year of politics behind her? a cabinet seat. In doing so, he passed over people who have been in the party for many, many years and who are likely more qualified. It seems the only qualities that count in this government are "what can you do for me?" I pray that Canadians can see this for what it is: nepotism by an unprincipled rich brat who knows nothing else. It helps when the press laughs at the PM, as they did during the announcement today. Had fun with this yet? Go on. You know you want to.

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