Friday, May 13, 2005

Grit bashing

cuz its fun I'm still on holidays but I wanted to share this because this makes me ill:
Well, I recall one Friday evening, a couple years ago, when I almost quit the Liberal Party of Canada. It was the night that the Martin cabal took over the riding association of former cabinet minister Herb Dhaliwal, knowing (a) Dhaliwal was out of the country and (b) his wife was dying of cancer. I had witnessed a lot political thuggery, to be sure, but I had never before seen anything as disgusting, and as inhuman, as that. It was only a friend in Ottawa who talked me out of quitting.
Yeah, that's WK. And yes, I know who he is and how he plays it - this scores him points against the dastardly confederate Liberals (Martinites / doofuses). It also just happens to be true. Ps. I'm going to have a million links to do when I come back... unless I do some heavy culling.

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