Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fun with images

An editorial in pictures Inside Paul Martin's brain. The reality. US readers can get up to speed here. A possible solution. Only an idiot would think that he has the right and the ability to spend the people's money and to (at his leisure) set the dates for votes after being defeated in the house. Martin appears to be so liberal he's liberated himself from all reality - truth, tradition, and common decency. Martin has power only dejure. Defacto, he's lost it. Most amusingly, he's never really had it. He's the PM only because he's riding on Chretien's legacy. It was Chretien who won the majority that Paul's tenuous right to govern rests on. Hey Paul? There's no divine right to be the Prime Minister. I don't care what your dad told you. And that BC election? It's Tuesday, not Monday you moron.

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