Sunday, July 24, 2005

Short note

Just a short note so no one thinks I've tripped over the sprinkler and injured myself. It's been pretty warm this weekend and I've been working in the yard lifting sod and placing cement pavers that are something like 50 lbs. each. There were only nine of them to do, but doing the job in the heat has left me pretty drained this weekend. Maybe I'm just wussy, I dunno. I'll probably be lifting more sod next weekend, as we want to create a bed beside the pavers. If I'm out of touch here then, you'll know why. On a different note, the driver of that garbage truck who died in the accident I posted about was not my friend from high school. There are still three kids out there who lost their Dad, so our thoughts and prayers go to them in what is likely to be a diffuicult time. On a different note still, my blogging friend Andrew has created a new way of following the posts of the ever growing (so it seems) number of bloggers in Canada.

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