Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Some Federal MPs who voted for SSM have been denied communion. Wouldn't you just know it? They're shocked. Hurt. Angry too. A complete list of catholic MPs who voted yes to C-38 is here. Greg points out that they have not all been denied yet. Two bloggers have given very good responses thus far - Angry in the Great White North, and John the Mad. They've got it pretty well covered and I don't see a need to add anything much. Well, maybe just this: I don't see how these MPs can spin this as 'look what they did to us.' What would happen was as clear as day. This article contains snips from commentary from my own Bishop. The MPs actions brought this about and no amount of lying will change that. In fact, the two quoted in the article were given about as much leeway as could be given (and maybe more). They persisted and got a response. Quelle Surprise. My guess is that the somebody somewhere is going to sue, claiming that they have a 'right' to a gay marriage in a church that does not condone such a thig. Or they'll claim they were denied communion and therefore their rights of association were violated. In this way, Religious Freedom, which is in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as Fundamental Freedom, will bump up against Same Sex Equality Rights, which are not in the Charter, but were 'read in' under Equality Rights. I'm no lawyer, but it looks to me like something called a 'fundamental right' that is explicitly in the Charter ought to top something that was read in under a less weighty section. I am a Canadian who has seen how the wind is blowing among those who hold themselves to be our bettors, however, and I would not place anything on them stopping the revolution now. The Charter? It was written in water all along. Quelle Surprise.

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