Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Welcome to Mordor

Here's a terrific column from the Toronto Sun, written by Lorrie Goldstein. When can we get people like this to help out on the CPC campaign?
Liberals always accuse conservatives of having sinister motives. You know, Harper has a "hidden agenda." the Canadian right wants "American-style, two-tier health care" and now, conservatives hate Canada. The problem with conservatives is that they get all defensive when these silly allegations are made and start whining. Worse, having allowed liberals to frame the debate as in -- "Do conservatives hate Canada? -- Discuss" they've already lost before they even begin to respond. That's why I will now redefine this debate by proving to you that it is liberals (and Liberals) who hate Canada with a passion. Liberals hate Canada because they see it as a dark and evil place where there are Nazis, Klansmen, Holocaust deniers, bigots and racists hiding behind every tree. Liberals worry that Canada is ready to go medieval on them the second they turn their backs. Take Liberal MP Hedy Fry, please. For her, Canada is such a rotten country that, back when she was multiculturalism minister, she said that the KKK were burning crosses on the lawns of Prince George, B.C. This would have been horrible, had it been true. Since it wasn't, we must assume Fry was having a "Lord of the Rings" moment. Remember how the closer Frodo got to the evil land of Mordor, the more dark and disturbing his hallucinations became? Well, for Liberals, Canada is Mordor.
Humour good, anger bad; it just ain't that complicated. "I do not hate Canada" is a stupid answer and too often that's all we get.

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