Monday, November 28, 2005

Dibert on Evolution

Scott Adams, creator of the uber funny Dibert cartoon, has been posting about the subject of evolution and inteligent design. He doesn't like ID any more than I do, and he also thinks evolution supporters act really oddly when questioned. From the first post:
I've been doing lots of reading on the subject, trying to gather comic fodder. I fully expected to validate my preconceived notion that the Darwinists had a mountain of credible evidence and the Intelligent Design folks were creationist kooks disguising themselves as scientists. That's the way the media paints it. I had no reason to believe otherwise. The truth is a lot more interesting.
Here are links to his entries so far.
Evolution and Intelligent Design, part One Evolution and Intelligent Design, part Two Evolution and Intelligent Design, part Three
Also not to be missed: Why Scott Adams is Stupid and Who's Credible? I wish I was that funny.

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