Friday, November 25, 2005

Trends in vocations discernment

Amy Wellborn responds to the leaked Vatican document on how the Catholic Church should deal with candidates for the priesthood dealing with same sex attractions:
Here's the bottom line for me, and why I wrote, weeks ago, that the "who you are" question in regard to vocation discernment and this issue is secondary to "what you believe and what you will vigorously and enthusiastically teach." ... when it comes to guidelines, as reasonable as it might seem to do the "no homosexuals in the seminary thing," it doesn't get at the problem. The problem is not, in simple terms, the homosexual priest. The problem is priests who don't believe what the Catholic Church teaches on sexuality, who don't preach it, who don't witness to it in the confessional, and who don't live it in their private lives. Do you see the difference?
I certainly do. By dealing with it in the manner Amy espouses, the Vatican will gain the ability to deal with those who do not support it in it's teachings - and not just on sexual issues, but on any issue in which is deemed to be closed. And no, that's not all of them by any stretch of the imagination. It also avoids singling out one group of sinners for a different standard of treatment. Upper Canada Catholic weighs in as well.

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