Saturday, November 26, 2005


I decided earlier this week to join the 21st century, music wise, and signed up with iTunes. I quickly grabbed a couple of singles - including Corb Lund's hilarious "The Truck got Stuck". Today I grabbed my first full album, Steve Earle, The Millenium Collection. I'm not a complete redneck music wise (although I confess to loving country - rockabilly my whole life) as I also have a single from Yo Yo Ma. It's from his Appalachian Journey, but it's absolutely beautiful. Nothing redneck about it at all... terrific example of the kind of fusion that lots of musicians are doing, often with less success than this. I'm sure my hyms and classical section will swell soon enough, with Advent and Christmas on the way. Are there any downsides to Apple's music service? Is there a better service out there and if so, why and how is it better? Speaking of Advent, which starts tomorrow, there are people around me who have had their Christmas lights and a fully decorated tree up since November the 18th. Any comments I could make on this would be less than kind.

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