Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Work and play

I didn't post last night because I was working on the new computer, which arrived on Monday. OK, I was playing with it too. And I was really surprised at how quickly it arrived. It came via regular mail (Canada Post) from Mississagua, Ontario on Friday and it was here on the west coast Monday. That's service! When I ordered it I was mostly interested in getting the best combination of processor, RAM and HD space. I knew this thing was going to have a DVD player; I was surprised to find not only a DVD player but also a DVD burner and a wireless mouse and keyboard. I've got the mouse and keyboard figured out. They're simple enough even if moving from a trackball to a mouse is a bit disorienting. I've never burned a DVD (CDs, yes) so that's something I'll get to... eventually. I'm really happy with this machine so far. Everything just pops open, and the multimedia stuff is awesome. Great framerates on the movies I view at and visualizations from WinAmp are smoo-oooth. Most importantly, Quake 3 runs like melted butter with a lot of detail. That surprised me because I did not expect great things from Intel video. Things change, I guess. Unfortunately, every new system needs a lot of programs downloaded and installed. Like w.bloggar, for example. Then there's all the crud PC makers install. Trials and light versions of everything under the sun, it seems. I haven't tackled my start menu yet but I'll have to do it soon. It's a pain in the rear end finding anything right now. Anywho, enough techno jargon. I'm fine. I'm working on stuff. I'm going to try and resume posting once a day starting tomorrow. This one's too fluffy to count.

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