Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm a Tory

Thanks to Andrew at BBG (note the new address) for the tip to this Globe and Mail quiz designed to help you figure out what party you should support. I scored 6 for the Conservatives and 1 for the Greens. I suspect the Green tally came on the education question. The zeros on the Liberal and NDP are a little distressing. Don't you guys even want me to consider you? For any issue? Do we really need to "nationalize" everything? How do you square that with supporting diversity and dissent? And even if you did have a policy that I really liked you have zero chance with me until you at least allow MP's to vote their conscience on issues like marriage and abortion. Frankly, those two parties are a huge disappointment. Again. Btw, since every party now receives money for every vote they get, voters frustrated with their choices now have a new method of getting the parties' attention. If you're willing to spoil your ballot, you can simply write down "no candidate supports X", where X is the issue you want to draw attention to. Party scrutineers will get the message if you can convince others to do the same. Each spoiled ballot represents not only a lost vote, but also money lost for the next campaign. It's food for thought if you have no candidate you can support. Even if you're frustrated, you have a chance to be heard on Monday.

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