Friday, October 15, 2004

Evidence of a sick culture

Like we needed this Quite unintentionally, I just bumped into this at . I wonder if I ought to take my shopping elsewhere. Things like this infantalize the culture. Oh, I know, I know, it might have been made as a gag gift- a parody of The Rules- and never intended to be acted out on. But still. If it were in my power, the people behind such hate would be fined quite heavily, and jailed for repeat offences. Advocating hate is not a freedom of speech issue. Chapter Titles and tips include: Gimmie my toy, you bitch! Roughing up the suspect Chicks are the enemy Banging a wife who's not yours Don't give her a cent Sexual deviance is entirely acceptable Not funny. Any woman with any sense will drop a man caught with material like this. If you think this is cool, you're pathetic.

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