Thursday, October 07, 2004

Temperature Rising

They say that you can boil a frog alive if you increase the temperature of the water slowly. He won't notice the danger until it is too late. Our freedom as citizens is like that, I think. And make no mistake, the temperature in Canada is not only rising, but the rate of increase is increasing. A courageous Calgary Bishop is facing scrutiny from Revenue Canada after pointing out that Paul Martin's voting record and his spoken beliefs cannot be reconciled with his claims to the Catholic faith. The Calgary Herald's Mark Milke (via Canada Free Press) reports that:

Canadian Bishop Fred Henry had his pastoral letter criticized by an editor outside of the diocese. "The tax bureaucrat asked if the Bishop would delete the letter from the church’s website, to which he replied no." [reporter] Milke asks, "Is it normal for tax auditors to contact spiritual leaders on matters of sacred practice and morality, something normally between them and voluntary adherents to their faith?" The answer could very well be that nothing is sacred, including reference to the Christian God in prayer, displaying the crucifix or the gifting of copies of the Gideon bible to new Canadians at government swearing in ceremonies, as far as some elected politicians are concerned.

You might disagree with the good bishop about everything under the sun. But you have to admire his courage. In taking on the Liberal election gag law, he is standing up for the freedom of us all. He is insisting on his right to speak his mind on matters of his concern at any time, something no government should be denying us at any time for any reason other than national security. *** It makes one wonder, is it possible that the Libs would dare to take on a high profile blogger for political comments during an election? Would the fact that the server is outside the country matter? Someone out there knows more about this than I do.

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