Saturday, October 09, 2004

Logical Suicide

Jacques Derrida dies from cancer Via Maverick Philosopher, I learned that Jacques Derrida passed away today. Gosh, I really really dislike his theories and as hard as it is to believe, his writing is even worse. Some of the most awful, crabbed things I ever read came from the mind of dear Jacques. His thinking is incoherent nonsense and yet he managed to puff out his chest in a way that makes pin-head art farts swoon. I still shake my head at all the English profs I had who, when confronted by many, many students about what a waste of time Derrida was, just repeated as nauseeum, "Yes, well, we must address him and not just dismiss him and no one has done that..." It leaves a rank taste in my mouth still; it is one of the reasons I never pursued a Masters Degree. I became convinced that it would be a waste of time, money and effort. Nothing has happened in the last ten years to change my mind. Deconstruction - Pffffttt!!!

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