Sunday, January 30, 2005

Death Cults

Francis Poretto at Eternity Road (one of my favourite blogs) has a provocative series of essays up that he calls The Convergence of the Death Cults. His inspiration was from one of his readers, Pascal, who wrote:
I believe that we can tie much of what appears to be illogical to this desire to limit human population by a few, and by the many who are misled into believing that either God or nature -- including human nature's drive to overcome any adversity -- will be insufficient. You know: those who are convinced that Malthus has just got to be eventually correct.
Poretto's essays are here: Good stuff. I mean, if you're not doing anything else... do you ever wonder why the left finds death so sexy? Abortion, birth control, suicide bombing, euthenasia, criticsizing efforts at self defense, choking production through environmental regulation, etc? When we fall for these things someone else takes a step up on the will to power.

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