Saturday, October 29, 2005

2005 Blog Awards

My Blahg is running The Canadian Blog Awards again this year. I know that last year I said I would have nothing to do with them in 2005. That was after Robert was particularly nasty and threatening to a US blogger. Two things have made me decide to ease off on Robert a tad. I've been nominated in a new category this year - Best Religious Blog and I think it's good to have Canadian religious blogs recognized. There are seven blogs in that cateogory thus far and maybe you have never heard of them, and maybe this is a chance to find and recognize new talent and new efforts. There's quite a variety so far. A couple of Christian blogs including a Lutheran minister and one that looks like it might be quite left. There's also a cynic and I must add that I'm quite pleased to see him in this category. My money's on Kathie Shaidle to win. She probably is the most well known of the bunch and she's certainly prolific. The whole thing runs until December 11, and the best of good luck to all of the bloggers who will be nominated.

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