Sunday, October 30, 2005

New blogs

Well, this looks like it will be interesting.
About Pajamas Media Pajamas Media is a new blogging venture designed to bring together the internet’s brightest minds and most compelling content into a single source that will, in turn, complement and re-define journalism in the 21st century. Upon its official debut in November 2005, Pajamas Media will feature content from over 70 noteworthy bloggers. The company was founded in 2004 by acclaimed novelist and screenwriter Roger L. Simon and Charles Johnson, software designer, musician, and author of Little Green Footballs.
Apparently the name will be changing, but we don't yet know to what. Canadians take note, Angry in the Great White North is a part of this. His profile is here. Here are two more worth a look:
  • Surfeited with Dainties by freelance writer Michael Brendan Dougherty, because you can't have too many well written conservatives on your blogroll.
  • Albion's Seedlings, for history buffs with an interest in the countries and cultures of the Anglosphere.

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