Thursday, October 20, 2005

Feministiskt Initiativ

A link from NRO's The Corner. I'm lost for words. ROFL! Sweden's Feminist Party (yes, that's right) is imploding:
Susanne Linde, a former member of the liberal Folkpartiet, left on Monday, accusing Feminist Initiative figurehead Tiina Rosenberg of being an inflexible hard-line bully who is attempting to purge the party of more liberal voices. “One is not worth very much if one is a white, heterosexual, middle-class woman, in her eyes,” said Linde about Rosenberg, a professor of gender specialising in “queer studies” at Stockholm University, who has reportedly said women who sleep with men are betraying their gender. Linde was followed on Wednesday by Helena Brandt, party treasurer, who accused the leadership of obsessing over homosexual, bisexual and trans-sexual issues. She claimed that ordinary members have no say in decisions and that men are discriminated against by being limited to 25% of leadership positions. Brandt said she felt “conned” by the way the party had moved away from its initial promise of being a broad church, and accused the leadership of being much worse than the patriarchal organisations it seeks to overthrow. It was the third high-profile departure in as many weeks...

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