Sunday, October 23, 2005

Like a child

From the conclusion of Chapter One of Ratzinger's Introduction to Christianity:
Christian faith is more than the option in favour of a spiritual ground to the world; its central formula is not "I believe in something", but "I believe in you ." It is the encounter with the man Jesus, and in this encounter it experiences the meaning of the world as a person. In Jesus' life from the Father, in the immediacy and intensity his converse with him in prayer, and, indeed, face to face, he God's witness, through whom the intangible has become tangible, the distant has drawn near... He is the presence of the eternal itself in this world. In his life, in the unconditional devotion of himself to men, the meaning of the world is present before us; it vouchsafes itself to us as a love that loves even me and makes life worth living by this incomprehensible gift of a love free from any threat of fading away or any tinge of egotism. ... Christian faith lives on the discovery that not only is there such a thing as objective meaning but that this meaning knows and loves me, that I can entrust myself to it like a child...

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