Wednesday, October 05, 2005


It's been a while since I plugged a blog, but this one's cool. Kristina dropped by NWW last night and left a few comments that lead me back to Letters from a Young Catholic (the name is taken from a book by George Wiegel, for those not in the know). It turns out that she's a lower mainland student, a Catholic, and has the makings of a very readable blogger. Well, that's if the blog lives very long. It seems she's busy being a student and teaching and stuff. My new habit of almost bumping into other bloggers is now at two occurrences. We almost attended the event in Mission that Christina was at on Saturday, but we went to lector training instead. The week before that, I was on Mount Baker in Washington State the day after Peter of Diner Table Don'ts fame. He's got some nice pictures of the trip (especially the first one; blow it up) on his photoblog. And I'm not even slightly jealous about that shiny new Mustang convertible. Nope. Not me, uh huh... Oh - my first job of reading at Mass was last night and it went fine. Next time up, I will work on tightening up microphone placement so as to be audible.

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