Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hammers for the left handed

Archaic relic that I am, NWW does not use gender neutral phrasing. Or B.C.E. / C.E. in the place of B.C. / A.D. Changing established practices in order to curry favour with political trends is bad policy; tomorrow's new-niks will bury you with the same principle, ensuring that no text will be easily comprehensible a few generations into the future. Failure to distinguish between something that disagrees with you because it is an evolved artifact, and something that disagrees with you because it is the result of someone's intent to disagree with you, is seriously second rate. It's delusional paranoia, or it's pathetically cliqueish. Marxist conspiracy rubbish is a dress on a pig lamenting that there are no hammers for the left handed. But - the rules of the game seem to be changing. Rejoice, the establishment is being challenged (OK, it's being ignored). Or, mourn the coming balkanization of language and culture. Editorially, I don't answer to anybody here. I have no career ambitions to protect, no asses to kiss. Of course, that goes for a lot of other bloggers out there as well, many of whom will disagree with decisions that I make here. You know what? S'okay. Myself, I regret more that some feel they can't take advantage of that freedom. Pay any price, bear any burden? What are you, nuts?

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