Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Wins

No thanks to Vagabonds and Strumpets If, like myself, you work in a unionized job in Canada, it was all you could do this morning not to choke on your coffee as you listened to the 'smart ones' (shop steward) tell the others what really happened last night. Gee, maybe if you stopped listening to CBC Radio when you're not reading Chomsky or giving money to the Council of Canadians, you might stumble onto a clue about our neighbors to the south. Sheesh. NRO's John Derbyshire vents for me.
I can't even summon up much of a gloat for the Hollywood lefties [or Canadian lefties, editor]. They are too stupid, their opinions too vaporous. Who really cares about them? "Vagabonds and strumpets," was the old English view of the acting profession, and I think this is one we got right back then. ... The big gloat, though, must be directed at our enemies. How they wanted Kerry to win! How they must be sunk in gloom in their caves and hideouts and seedy rented rooms! They knew that, for all his podium salutes and tough talk, Kerry would be another Jimmy Carter, another groveller, another guilt-addled cringing apologizer for America's sins, past and present. Now, instead of a boneless wonder, they are faced with a resolute and determined opponent, a commander-in-chief who actually inspires his troops, and who knows that, as Winston Churchill usefully noted, you can't win wars without fighting.
First thoughts: This is good. Now, about Canada... Second thoughts: Bush needs to work on getting deficits and trade barriers down but I'll still take him over Kerry. Third thought: There's more to come, but first I need coffee...

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