Monday, November 08, 2004

Election post mortem

Alpha Patriot has some interesting information about the recent U.S. election. And The Tiger in Winter alerted me to a funny look at Democratic pundits reacting to the news that their advice was rejected. Jonah Goldberg notes that they're not taking it well: "[Dowd's] op-ed page real estate hits your desk like a bucket of vomit with some Body Shop potpourri sprinkled across the surface." Jane Smiley does little better. I pity anyone with someone like her in their family. Finally, Jonah - smart guy that he is (for a Republican)- concludes that:
What Maher, Raines, and Smiley fail to grasp is that all morality is based upon transcendence — or it is merely based on utilitarianism of one kind or another, and therefore it is not morality so much as, at best, an enlightened expediency or will-to-power. It is no more rational to vote based on a desire to do "good" than it is to vote based on a desire to do God's will. Indeed, for millions of people this is a distinction without a difference...

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