Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Right now no one knows precisely how it came about that a U.S. Marine was filmed shooting a captured enemy in Iraq. It is under investigation and we ought to let more information come forward before leaping to a decision. It should also be observed that very few of us know one thing about combat in the 21st century. So it stands to reason that we ought not to flap our holes about it, based on a few seconds of film whose context is at the moment mere heresy. Even when information comes out, most of us will lack any first hand context in which to evaluate it. That does not mean that we can't ever judge. It just means we ought to take our time about it, and do so with caution and charity (towards all sides). There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by when I don't read comments on the web by people who think U.S soldiers ought to brought to Brussels and charged with 'war crimes' because they happened to say something exuberant and nasty about people who are trying to kill them. It is clear that you would seize on any pretext to hinder U.S. efforts in Iraq. Heck, some of you want to seize W. when he visits Canada next (gee, that'll smooth relations!). And this is precisely why you have no credibility. You'll need to stop crying wolf for a while before anyone with a current in their skull listens to you.

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