Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Smart like a Fox

Only Liberals whine, in full-on sincerity, that everybody ought to be above average. Wait. Think. Hey! So it comes as no surprise that they can't get their pants on about the subject of IQ either, as Steve Sailer at The American Conservative points out:

Still, as politically incorrect as cognitive tests have become, colleges and the military have not dropped them. They are simply too useful in sorting large numbers of applicants.

Nor have people stopped talking privately about IQ—especially liberals, who seem to believe, with deepest sincerity, both that IQ is an utterly discredited concept and that liberals are better than conservatives because liberals have much higher IQs.

The winning quote is here:
Democrats’ denunciations of the president’s IQ bemuse me because Bush strikes me as a lazy but clever and unscrupulous operator who, ever since he quit drinking in 1987, has contrived to get whatever he wants out of life... “In the president’'s lone losing race, his 1978 run for Congress from West Texas, the victor stressed Bush'’s two Ivy League degrees. Bush resolved never to allow himself to be outdumbed again. And the Democrats haven’'t outsmarted him since.
I have head W. described as a rope-a-dope fighter, lulling his opponents into thinking that he is reeling and disoriented, and then laying the hammer down when it isn't expected. I think that's true. That's a strategy that I would describe as smart. His opponents have expectations of what a smart opponent looks like and sounds like. So don't do that, do the unexpected. They've had four years to figure this out but they can't see around their contempt.

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