Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Condi Rice in 2008?

"Young girls who engage in sexual activity are looking for affirmation. Older men who want to have sex with them know how to exploit that," says Forney, 44, of Pittsburgh. "Abortion makes this easier for the perpetrators. If the victim gets pregnant, typically she follows the perpetrator’s lead and lays herself out on the table at an abortion clinic, completely clueless as to what’s about to happen to her. At 16, I had no idea they were going to put a vacuum hose in my body and suck a baby out. They just did it." - Georgette Forney, anti abortion cousellor
What does this have to do with Condi Rice? Well... NRO quotes LA Times exit polling to the effect that "[M]ore than half of Bush's voters cited moral issues as a principal reason for their support — more than any other issue, including even terrorism." In fact, morals trumped terrorism by seven percentage points..." Condi Rice is pro choice on abortion. If Americans are indeed increasingly concerned about morals (Tom Wolfe's phrase "The Great Relearning" seems apt), it should come as no surprise that abortion will come into play; it is a great enabler in moral confusion and degeneration, as the testimony above proves. If Rice wants to make a run for president she will have to do a re-think on her position in order to tap into the kind of hard core support that came out for Bush last night. Her record of service will not be enough, nor will her minority credentials. Not unless the Dems really are dumb enough to run Howard Dean.

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