Monday, November 01, 2004

Multi-Culturalism and Racism

Some guy out there is trying to get links to his crappy little blog by yelling Racist and Uncanadian at anything he does not like. He claims to have been a paid writer at some point. I can't see it as he does not seem to be able to think his way out a paper bag in the rain, but maybe there is a demographic for that. After all, Gillette has concluded that the world needs a battery powered three bladed shaver. I'm probably a working stiff because I look at ideas like that and conclude that no one would fall for that, allowing someone else to get rich. Anyway, this guy mistakenly called the Flea's Red Ensign blogroll racist, confusing us with some racist groups who have also taken to the old flag. Our little buddy did this before actually checking out any of our blogs and this is what makes me think he's chosen that sure fire barnburner topic in an effort to get people to look at his page. He has apologized for generalizing, but still felt he ought to inspect each of us to see if we were 'clean.' His criteria - you have to accept government multiculturalism or you're racist. NWW and my wife's site, Doxology, both came through clear with no comments on the subject. Well, let's be really clear about this. I don't have to defend myself against a blogger engaging in a combination of arson and ambulance chasing. I can disagree with this guy without being uncanadain. I can oppose multicultural policies without being racist. I can criticize Canada and Canadians without being un-Canadian. I do not have to blithely accept Canada's status quo and that is something that is good in this country. Flea's Red Ensign brigade does not have to apologize or be wary of using Canada's old flag. On the contrary, our use of it helps prevent anti immigrant groups from claiming it as their own, thereby preserving something good in our tradition. Is that flag without stain? No, but I defy anyone to show me one that is. And it was the flag used to take on the Nazi's in WWII. This guy appears to be a Libertarian (likes his guns, drugs and, presumably, his porn) and is of the view that Racism is a Conservative problem. Note to the blinkered: Hitler and the Nazis were racist and unabashedly leftist. Other examples exist. Perhaps he could re-cast his search more objectively? I'm not linking to him, so don't ask. The whole witch hunt mentality infuriates me, and the subject is too important to thrown about so casually. Jon Ray hits it here:
hatred, prejudice and discrimination are strange tools to use if you really want to help others and foster harmony. Welfare programs, for instance, do not require those helped to be members of some "victim" class. Welfare can be targeted simply at need (e.g. level of income). So in the absence of any need for all the hatred, prejudice and discrimination, its widespread use by Leftists surely tells us yet again what is really in their hearts.
Perhaps our buddy could try to get more readership by working on his writing and fact checking. My advice to the rest of us, and this is increasingly important in a world of cheap and instant publishing, is simply this: remember the source. That goes for our other blogging foe as well.

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