Sunday, April 24, 2005


Penitens has the text of B16's Inaugural Mass Homily. His discussion of the Pallium and the Fisherman's ring is interesting. What I personally expect to see from B16 in office? This report from Scotland sums it up:
The matters in question fall into four related areas: Church governance, theological speculation and instruction, priestly formation and religious practice. Who knows how long he may have for the task and what resistance he may meet, but Benedict XVI will aim to reform and renew the Church. Part of this involves purification. He feels deeply shamed and personally disgusted by the revelations of sexual abuse and the failure of bishops to deal with it. In some parts of the world national and regional conferences of bishops will be wondering, and worrying, about what may soon come their way from Rome (sackings are not inconceivable). In somewhat similar vein he will continue the challenge to those employed in Catholic institutions to teach in accord with the faith and morals of the Church. This is sometimes depicted as a desire to impose personal views but that is the opposite of the truth: he will demand loyalty to the teachings of the Church from those who would use the cover of its institutions to pursue their own opinions. Again I expect to see action on this front with consequent outrage, particularly in North America.
The Maverick Philosopher shares some wisdom about the use and abuse of words in the political arena. Dennis Mangan gives us an example from Spain. What did I think of Paul Martin's TV stunt last week? The Blue Maple Leaf hits the target. I love this picture. Kate's blog is superb too. Get Religion is also a stellar blog, and also also about media. This post deflates one of the many criticisms of Catholicism that seem to bounce around endlessly, with seemingly little to sustain them other than the fact that people seem desperately to want to believe them. The whole 'Aids in Africa is the Vatican's fault', heard so much since B16's election, is equally dubious.

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