Monday, April 04, 2005

Seeking Pomona

Vomit the Lukewarm might be the best generally unrecognized philosophy blog that I am aware of (I don't see it linked to much). He's hit this nail right on the head:
We love what we love because it is good, seek to know what we do because its true, and admire what we do because it is admirable etc.. Whether what we love is in fact good is beside the point. We cannot seek something inasmuch as it is apparently good, nor intend towards knowledge except as truth. Abuses and mistakes of judgment do not change the nature of intention. If I get lost on the way to the store and end up in Pomona, I don't say that I really sought Pomona. In the same way, we can't say of someone who seeks what is in fact an apparent good that he really sought an apparent good. An apparent good is never sought as such, only a real one. The intention of the lost man was not to an apparent store.
This is spot on. This is why the virtue of Charity is so valuable. Charity, I think btw, is why I try keep to keep NWW from being too polemical. If I wanted to do polemics, believe me I could. It would bore me to death, however. I see it in other writings and I just turn the page. What I try to do is be a fair and just critic of things written and spoken, without tearing too much into the speakers I address. Politics is not about cheering for the home team. There is no Stanley Cup for it, and that's not just because the season was cancelled. Once you have the ring of power, then what? This anonymous blogger's post on the war on patriarchy is also very good.

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