Monday, April 18, 2005

What a beautiful vintage

"An engagement that I cannot move prevents me from being with you all" Andrew Coyne has been following an exciting day in Ottawa (oxymoron?). There's a letter from Paul Martin to Claude Boulay now making its way around the Canadian blogosphere. It sounds cozy. It's got a handwritten postscript. Then, there's more about WK's testimony... Personally, I love the fact that they (Matinites and Chretienites) have their guns pointed at each other and each side thinks it's doing something good for its own fortunes. Would I be showing too much of my true colours if I revealed my strong preference for somebody to take this sick donkey of a government out behind the barn and pull the trigger? Awww.... Now I feel dirty. Confused readers from outside Canada are invited to investigate the following link for a) background information or, b) a cure for insomnia.

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