Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pig Rasslin' and Shark Jumping

A couple of days ago Peter Rempelia tipped me off to a nasty tirade between a certain notorious Canadian blogger and another blogger in the US. The story bugged me but in the end I chose not to cover it until now. Why? Well, someone much wiser than me once said the following and it's good advice I think: "There are two things to know about pig wrestling. One is that no matter what you do, you'll get dirty. The second is that the pig likes it." Let's just say that NWW will have nothing whatever to do with the "Canadian Blog Awards" should they come around next year. (For what it's worth my favourite Canadian bloggers of the moment are Peter at Rempelia Prime and Andrew at Bound by Gravity) In today's National Post, a different kind of pig play was going on. The editorial page documented the war of words between columnists Norman Spector, Paul Wells and Andrew Coyne with wanna be politico Warren Kinsella (Damian, you're in good company). It was hilarious to see all the threats seemingly always from you know who: "want to fight?," and "I'll sue." Talk about one note wonders. Warren, meet Robert. Robert, this is Warren. Ya'll play nice now, hear? Speaking about playing with animals, it seems that Paul Martin thinks it's a good idea to throw a bucket of blood in the water before swimming with sharks. Ok, I don't know that. It would not surprise me, however, given that he has very clearly signaled to anyone who's watching that he is prepared to buy his way out of any problem that should cross his path. He did the health accord, he caved into Newfoundland premier Danny Williams on equalization, and he wants to create a national daycare plan. That very short and unimpressive record counts as jumping the shark tank of prime ministerial credibility in my book. No wonder there's a long line outside his door. Thinking, rationalizing and balancing are not in his trick bag. There's lots of bleeding, whimpering, and blathering for everyone, however. Wake up Canada, we now have our very own Jimmy Carter.

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