Thursday, February 10, 2005

Self Empowerment

Rebecca and I had the opportunity to hear Jason Kenny speak at a pro life fundraising diner last year, so we know he can be a very effective speaker. Apparently, he's still at it. The following is from the House of Commons:
Mr. Jason Kenney (Calgary Southeast, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is absurdly wrapping himself and his party in the cloak of human rights on the marriage issue, suggesting that support for traditional marriage reflects hostility to basic rights, but Canadian political history tells a totally different story.

It was the Liberal Party that imposed the infamous head tax on Chinese immigrants; created a racist immigration system with the Exclusion Act; interred all Japanese Canadians; rejected Jewish refugees before and during the war; imposed martial law in 1970; permitted Ernst Zundel to run for its party leadership in 1968; eliminated constitutionally guaranteed rights for confessional education; and preached moral equivalence during the cold war and in China today.

It was Conservative governments that introduced the Bill of Rights; gave aboriginals the right to vote; opposed the War Measures Act; led the fight against apartheid; understood the moral dimension of the cold war; and appointed the first woman and minority cabinet ministers.

Today it is conservatives who believe that the political currency of human rights is devalued when political demands are inflated into fundamental rights claims.

Tip: Let it Bleed In reading and viewing former PM Jean Chretien's testimony at the Gomery inquiry I was saddened but not surprised at the contempt he showed for the proceedings, and by extention, for the Canadian people. After all, it is hardly a secret that the former PM is an arrogant, self righteous prick. I don't know the extent of his guilt, but by golly I'd love to see his face as he's dragged off to jail for Adscam. It'll probably never happen. As I watch I'm also saddened by two other things. One, that so many of our pundit class saw fit to give the PM such glowing comments for his chutzpah. Truly, there are many among them who value "I did it myyyyyyy way" over truth and decency. For them it is all a big show and Chretien was entertaining so he wins. Andrew Coyne got it right in today's National Post. Chretien was as small as small gets, lording his wounded gargantuan ego over the it all, as if doing so was a virtue. The other thought is that we have among us large numbers of people who will never, it seems, take the Liberals to task for anything. They are such prisoners of the righteousness of their political philosophy that they will excuse anything. They know Adscam was wrong, but they can't do anything about it because the Conservatives are "evil." You remind of the super nice but super spineless parents on Supernanny. Y'all need to get out more is all I'm sayin'. There's life outside of Starbucks, The Star and the CBC radio.

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