Saturday, February 12, 2005

PP: the trend continues

Annie at After Abortion offers the following after looking over Planned Parenthood's 2003- 2004 Annual Report:
... probably the most fascinating statistical juxtaposition of all: PP delivered 3,097,597 ways of preventing pregnancies in 2003 (birth control, EC, reversibles for men and women), yet also delivered 6.1% MORE abortions and did 9.6% FEWER adoption referrals than the year before.
She has worked out a lot more as well. I don't know which statistic is the saddest. Probably this one: adoption referrals went down for the sixth year in row. Then again maybe it's this one:
Abortions went UP 6.1%, and represented 93% of all pregnancies seen. We don't know how much the average charge per abortion is, but assuming it was $400, that's $97,851,200 from abortions, or about 32% of clinic revenue.

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