Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Adventures in Tajikistan

I got a pretty cool fan e-mail yesterday:
Hello from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Just a quick note to say that I enjoy your blog. I'm the tiny red dot straight east of the Caspian Sea on the attached map. I normally live in Regina, but have been here since Dec 5 in support of the parliamentary elections that just took place. I leave for home this weekend and am looking forward to seeing my wife and kids (7,5,3 - no pets) again. It's nice to know there are other sane, intellectually interesting, Christian people out there using the Internet. Brad Farquhar --- Adventures in Tajikistan - www.farquhar.ca/blog
Brad enclosed a picture from hitmaps showing where he is. It was helpful because until yesterday I had only the foggiest idea where Tajikistan was. I can't post it because it's in PNG format and Hello won't recognize anything that isn't a JPG. I can describe it though. First, find Turkey. Then find the Caspian Sea. Keep heading east. Tajikistan! North of Afghanistan and west of China. Brad has an interesting blog too, with lots of pictures. Ever heard of bouzkashi? It's kind of like polo... yeah, kind of.

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