Wednesday, March 23, 2005

All good things

My nieces head back to Vancouver Island this afternoon and things here should be settling down again. It's been a challenge trying to post and I'm not sure the ones I did do were stellar. In particular, my post last night about John Lukacs' criticism of populism was a bit rough when it first went up. Since I am driving them to the ferry terminal this afternoon and it is a longish trip, this might be the only entry I do today. This could be an opportunity, however, for me to ask readers here for some feedback. I seem to have a faithful bunch who turn in almost daily and I'm curious to know what it is that brings people here. So, here are a few questions for you. What do readers make of the Links! posts? Are they fun and interesting, or a boring waste of time? I had hoped they might be useful in getting discussions going and through that to see what people were interested in. The posts are sometimes quiet and it's difficult to know what to make of that. Feedback, please. Country Lyrics and jokes. I don't do too many of those, but at times I feel like airing out the place and having a bit of fun. They can also be a look at day to day conservative culture. Any thoughts? I suppose the philosophy and religion posts are the bread and butter at NWW. Are there topics that I should look at but haven't yet? Is the selection of authors and books suitable and interesting? OK, off to the ferry! I look forward to hearing from you. That means lurkers too! Curt

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