Sunday, March 27, 2005

Shaidle says

Via Kathie Shaidle's Relapsed Catholic, I see that blogger Andrea Harris reads what is happening to Terri Schaivo just as I do. Harris writes:
People are acting as if what happened to Terri is some awful, demonic, sci-fi thing that only happens in 1,000,000 years and only to people who have angered Cthulhu but I tell you it's in all our futures one way or another; we have no control on how we end, whether you believe in the God of Moses or the God of Chance, and people like Terri Schiavo are an in-your-face reminder of this and people hate and fear that, some enough so that they will do anything to destroy the reminder. Terri is the messenger. The message is: we are not in control. We1 are, in fine, traditional fashion, killing the messenger because we don't like the message. 1 The "we" is humanity in general; the same humanity that that the Christians say killed God. I'm beginning to think that the Christians are right.
Shaidle also links to Another Thought, where we can consider the "Schaivo Protocol":
Enter the Schiavo Protocol. Men and women who are incapacitated, even when they face no immediate risk of dying, may now be declared unfit for further life-sustaining care. If an estranged husband can achieve this result over the objections of his wife's own parents, surely insurance companies, the Veterans Administration, Medicare, and other health-care funding agencies will realize that they might make use of this precedent as well, to cut off care for chronically ill patients when they have become a drain on our national healthcare resources."
Kathy also wrote, "I get a kick out of so many self-proclaimed conservative men up here in Canada, declaring their post-convention disillusionment with the Conservatives because -- shock! -- the Party is against gay marriage. And you thought something called the "Conservative Party" would endorse gay marriage because...? My boys, you know I love you all, but you were really libertarians all along, I think." To which I can only say, slack jawed yokel that I am, Uh-huh.

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