Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hiding from the public

Speaking at the Liberal convention, Paul martin said he feels:
sorry for Conservative party delegates at their convention in two weeks, because they have to figure out what they stand for, and then they have to figure out how to conceal it from the Canadian public.
That is an astonishingly stupid statement from an astonishingly stupid man. There is more than a little projection going on here, coming as it does from a man who hides behind the supreme court on SSM, behind Chretien on adscam, and behind the rhetoric of self righteous pacifism on BMD. Now, I'm not saying conservative politicians are angels. Most politicians are lawyers and are therefore skilled at using rhetorical slight of hand to present their ideas in the best light. If this is "concealing" then Martin and the Liberals are as guilty as anyone. The best solution would be for all sides to stay away from such duplicious hyperbole. As Peter points out, however, this is often more difficult for leftists who start the debate with the notion that there is absolutely no consolation prize- now or ever - for playing nice. This mindset makes them less free in their actions; they must win or they are nothing. Christians call this sort of self imposed reduction of freedom being a slave to sin. Pete Rempelia makes a similar diagnosis on the Democrats' Howard Dean:
the left... cannot substantiate its own lies about conservatives without robbing us of our humanity. Conservatives, after all, are great promoters of throwing the elderly out into the streets, preferably where they will starve to death. What kind of human beings could believe in such an atrocity? Obviously those that are in fact sub-human, those that are “evil.” This is a rhetoric which has no place in a properly-functioning liberal democracy, and yet we can find examples of it on the left every day. The more dull-minded among them will take their hatred to “the next level” and allow it to manifest itself in violence.

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