Friday, March 25, 2005


I made quite a few changes to the template today. I think the most useful thing was adding a script from to allow you to get a definition of any word just by doubleclicking on it. That'll help with jargon, and I'll try to keep handcoding links to the Wikkipedia for names and places that might be unfamiliar. I also:
  • dropped most of my blogrolls. Well- I didn't drop them so much as hide them. You can click on their icons for the list of blogs. I found that they were becoming very long and cluttering up the page as a result. The Red Ensign group does not have a page to link to so I guess it stays until there is one. The Flea's does not have the blogroll for the group.
  • placed code on the page showing referers. Like most bloggers, I find the referers very useful and a great way to find new blogs and interesting people
  • tidied up some of my references by separating "wordsmithing" resources from Catholic resources
  • added new links to almost all of the reference sections on the right column
I think the changes will make the page more useful for me, and, hopefully, for you as well. I want to thank everyone for the kind words and encouragement that I got when I asked for reader feeback a few days ago. The comments were all very positive and I'll continue to try and make NWW an interesting and useful place to visit.

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